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Vision for the future: It is time for tissue

Growing global demand for tissue paper

A combination of changing lifestyles and a much better awareness of health care is driving the growing global demand for tissue paper. Ronaldo Parucker, Voith Paper’s Strategic Technology Manager for Tissue, outlines his vision for the future.

The tissue market is on a roll. “So far, this is a paper grade that really does not have an effective technology replacement,” says Ronaldo Parucker. With the biggest growth rate among the paper grades, tissue consumption is expected to grow by about 3.5% every year for the next five years. Worldwide, around 37 million metric tons of tissue have been consumed last year alone. And with cultural habits in the use of tissue paper changing, and more than 50% of the world’s population still not using toilet tissue, there is certainly huge potential for further growth.

When it comes to facts and figures, Parucker has them all at hand. More importantly, he also has an in-depth knowledge of papermaking and tissue paper. Having joined Voith in 1988, he is about to celebrate his 30th anniversary at the company. His career path has crossed continents, from his native Brazil to China, and this year it will take him to the headquarters of Voith in Heidenheim, Germany, where he will continue in his role as Strategic Technology Manager Tissue, offering his knowledge in terms of technology placement to customers. He was appointed to this position in June 2017.

Supply chain and pain points

Parucker has played a key role in the development of tissue technology and has an expert understanding of the supply chain and customer pain points. “We are seeing increased, tougher competition,” he says. “On top of striving to be innovative with new products, tissue manufacturers also have to deal with increasingly stricter environmental regulations, demands to reduce energy and fiber consumption and to increase everyday efficiencies in the entire value chain. End consumers, particularly supermarkets, are constantly on the look-out for price advantages,” he confirms. All without compromising on quality.

“Our customers need to differentiate themselves from competitors. By increasing the quality of the paper, using different fiber sourcing, or by get-ting more flexibility out of the production lines to better compete in such an environment.” Voith, along with the Strategic Technology Managers, aims to help customers meet these challenges head-on, with solutions that ensure more eco-friendly, cost-effective and highly efficient operations.

“My main goal, together with the strong support of the business lines and digital agenda, is to help our customers to be not just in the game, but at the top of the game.”