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The renowned Voith Tissue Innovation Center

Located in Brazil and open for global customers: the renowned Voith Tissue Innovation Center

Open for tissue trials

The Voith Paper Tissue Innovation Center has a long history and an excellent track record in providing extensive testing opportunities all along the entire tissue manufacturing process. Discover the options on our state-of-the-art machinery.

Open, yet confidential. Comprehensive, yet focused. Innovative, yet risk-free. While these descriptions appear contradictory, they all aptly describe the set-up at the Voith Tissue Innovation Center (TIC) in São Paulo, Brazil, the most technologically advanced tissue R&D center in the world. “We cover the entire tissue manufacturing process, from stock preparation to reel and every step along the way,” says Caio Penteado, R&D Operations Manager at the TIC. “We have a long history, an excellent track record and the best testing facilities. All within the kind of trusted and high-tech environment that customers demand for their own pilot trials.”

Before you invest, prove it in practice

The Voith Tissue Innovation Center is completely open to trying out whatever the customer wants in terms of process settings. Yet everything that happens in the center remains absolutely confidential. “When it comes to raw materials, or chemical make-up of a pulp, sometimes we don’t know exactly what is behind the trial from the customer’s point of view, but we can analyze the results, make informed comparisons and recommendations,” says Penteado. “We follow clear trial agendas and target settings agreed with our customers and are open to adapt our trials, also completely on the fly, to suit the customer’s specifications.”

This tailoring of trials is something that customers really appreciate, as Magnus Bengtsson, development manager at Duni, the market-leader of eco-conscious premium tissue products, can confirm. In 2015, Bengtsson oversaw two successful trials of Voith’s new TissueLev technology using the company’s own pulp. “The personnel are dedicated, flexible and supportive. Whatever wishes we had, they ran the set-ups accordingly,” highlights Bengtsson. “They were also excellent hosts, taking care of us on both a personal and professional level.”

The positive experience and results led to Duni’s decision to place an order for the TissueLev technology from Voith in the same year. “The pilot machine played a key role for our decision to install TissueLev on two of our machines at our plant in Sweden. Thanks to the trials, we were able to see that using our pulp with TissueLev would get the result we were looking for – increased capacity and the opportunity to develop new eco-friendlier types of napkin tissue. Crucial for the whole project was the open and transparent cooperation with Voith and the strong mutual trust between us.”