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Paper Processes: the right data at the right time

Optimizing Paper Processes – with digital solutions from Voith

One key value proposition of digitalization is optimizing production processes using application-specific data. Voith already offers a sizable product portfolio that does just that. Here are two examples of how machine operators in the paper industry are saving time and money every single day.

Tool number 1: Cut costs in real time with Voith OnEfficiency.DIP

Using the usually available tools, a human technician could never process data as quickly as needed – namely in real time. With the modular Voith OnEfficiency portfolio, however, he can always determine the best method to produce high-quality paper fibers.

OnEfficiency works like this: OnEfficiency.DIP optimizes the deinking process perfectly. Quality fluctuations in the process are balanced out by real-time adjustment of flotation and bleaching chemical dosing. Process control is continually optimized using a cost model. The model builds into its calculations the parameters of the main process steps that affect the brightness and ash content of the finished material. In this way, the costs of the individual flotation and bleaching steps are transparent, and workflows can be coordinated to achieve the desired quality at minimal cost.

Three million euros saved annually – in one factory

This data-driven, real-time process control can significantly cut ongoing production costs – and still boost the quality of the paper. One European paper factory, which produces 350,000 tons of paper a year, was able to save more than 3 million euros annually using OnEfficiency.DIP. The cost of the fibers alone fell by 1.5 million euros.

Tool number 2: Augmented reality module for Voith Paper OnCare

The latest trend among users is also the latest addition to the Voith Paper OnCare family: augmented reality (AR). The OnCare.AR module combines the physical and digital worlds, thereby helping technicians with preventive maintenance on site.

OnCare AR is connected to the machine needing maintenance and immediately delivers operation-specific data. The app then retrieves the related information from the factory or Voith database – detailed drawings, instructions, spare parts or material data, for example.

All relevant details are immediately contextualized. Live streaming from control and monitoring systems enrich the information provided and offer an even better opportunity to analyze performance – directly in the mill.

The right data at the right time – for the right person

In the words of Thorsten Jankowski, Produce Owner for Lifecycle Management/e-documentation at Voith Digital Ventures: “Our customers want the right data at the right time with the right person. OnCare AR is a mobile solution that delivers exactly that. There’s a significant added value in visualizing task-related data in real time."