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Trustful partnership: Voith HyService supports Yeywa, Myanmar’s largest hydropower plant

Trustful partnership

hydropower plant
Yeywa, Myanmar

In operation since 2011

Rated Head: 91.7m
Rated Output:  4 x 200 MW

Scope of delivery from Voith:
4 turbine-generator units, automation systems

Scope of services from Voith:
Original spare parts, assessment, consulting, repair

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Mr. Frank Hofmann

Head of Service Sales & Marketing


The Southeast Asian country of Myanmar offers numerous cultural treasures as well as fascinating natural landscapes. Thanks to its many rivers, the country also has great potential for sustainable hydropower generation. The government wants to raise this potential, as access to energy is crucial for economic growth. Yeywa's largest hydropower plant represents an important milestone in achieving the goal of providing electricity to everyone in the country by 2030. Since 2011, the operator has relied on Voith products and services for power plant equipment.

Client counts on Voith

Built on the Myitnge River, Yeywa hydropower plant lies about 60 kilometers southeast of Mandalay, the second-largest city in Myanmar. Since commissioning in 2011, Yeywa has been running with power plant components from Voith. The scope of supply included four turbine generator units with a rated output of 200 megawatts (MW) each, as well as automation systems. Yeywa thus achieves an installed capacity of 800 megawatts. In order to operate the plant efficiently and with highest profitability, power plant operator Electric Power Generation Enterprise (EPGE) counts on Voith HyService: "Stable operation of the plant is essential for us. Therefore, we partnered with Voith as a reliable, trusted service provider by our side" says Khin Maung Tint, Plant Operation Manager at EPGE.

Partnership throughout the life cycle

As a full-line service provider, Voith HyService has vast expertise and experience in all areas of hydropower plants. Close to the customer, the HyService teams offer what the client needs. Depending on the life cycle status of a plant, this can mean provision of initial training courses from the Hydroschool program for employees (read more), assessments, repairs and spares up to full plant refurbishments.  Maintenance and operation activities are supported through smart services, customized service agreements or on-site expert consulting. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate action, the Voith team always responds quickly to guarantee permanent plant availability with minimum downtimes.

Being preventive with smart monitoring and an asset management system, Voith’s digital solutions provide early warning signals and information – even before things go wrong. Read more 

As Yeywa is the first large hydropower plant in Myanmar, the customer is accumulating O&M (Operations and Maintenance) experience for operating such a large hydropower plant.

 “Specialized, quick-responding and continuing services are always essential and crucial,” says Jie Wang, Voith Hydro’s Service Manager. “Providing solutions to the customers’ needs and satisfaction is our utmost priority. These are key success factors for Voith’s HyService.”

To meet these requirements, Voith HyService leverages its international teams and expert knowledge around the world. Having globally locations close to the clients, Voith can ensure excellent service support for the customers – wherever and whenever needed.